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Children's orthopedic difficulties are prevalent. They may be congenital, developmental, or acquired, and may be infectious, neuromuscular, nutritional, neoplastic, or psychogenic in nature.From sports and tree climbing to congenital diseases, children injure themselves and require special care. We give them the best possible care for their injuries and ailments.

  • Club foot (CTEV)
  • Hip dislocation at birth (CDH)
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Scoliosis
  • Arthritis Septic
  • Infections of the bones (Osteomyelitis)
  • Bone tumors in children
  • Perthe's ailment
  • Child with a limp
  • Leg malformation
  • Hip adolescent and young adult
  • Correction of foot deformity
  • Limb Length Disparity
  • Slipped Capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE)

Pediatric fractures and Birth defects

Numerous diseases that impact a baby's bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments are categorized as orthopedic birth abnormalities. These issues emerge as your unborn child grows inside the uterus. Manisundaram Medical Mission Hospital serves as and offers the best treatment and recovery plans.

How to identify and treat orthopedic birth abnormalities?

Orthopedic birth abnormalities sometimes resolve on their own and don't need to be treated. If left untreated, a number of others can result in difficulties, including:

  • Running and walking with difficulty
  • Bone mutilation
  • Bone, muscle, and joint deformities in the limbs
  • Later-life arthritis

Treatments includes:
  • To align bones and joints appropriately, use braces, splints, or casts.
  • Strengthening exercises and range-of-motion exercises
  • Occupational therapy can help develop abilities including eating, dressing, and walking.
  • Severe diseases may require surgery to realign bones, muscles, and tendons.