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Our Doctor's

Dr. K. Manivannun MBBS., MS(Ortho) – Chief Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. P. Sharon Jeyaselvan MBBS., MS(Ortho) – Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. R. Rajesh MBBS., MS(Ortho)., Fellowship in Spine - Consultant Spine Surgeon

Dr. C.P. Amruth Kumar MBBS., D.A (Anaesthesia) – Consultant Anaesthesia & Critical Care

Dr. V. Karthi sundar, MBBS., DNB(Ortho)., M.Ch., - Consultant Arthroscopic Surgeon

Dr. M. Sridhar MBBS, MS, M.Ch – Consultant Vascular Surgeon

Dr. T. Sri Krishna Kumaran MBBS., M.S., M.Ch(Plastic) - Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Dr. V. Gopinath MBBS., M.S. Paediatric, M.Ch - Consultant Paediatric Surgeon & Endoscopist

Dr. N. Narayanamoorthy MBBS., M.S., M.Ch(Urology) – Consultant Urologist & Andraologist

Dr. Jagan Babu MBBS., M.D.S – Consultant Faciomaxillary Surgeon


Our yearly experience caring for thousands of patients helps us be more equipped to care for you, the patient who matters most.

Our worldwide leadership places a strong emphasis on innovation, commercial excellence, and operational efficiency. They are steadfast in their commitment to helping customers and the patients they assist..

The physician that patients desire

Doctors at MMM Hospital commit their careers to patient needs. Patients seek medical professionals that value their opinions, pay attention when they discuss their symptoms and health problems, and follow up with questions to determine the root of their condition. Rushing through appointments will never be advantageous for everyone concerned.

Effective teamwork for best service

scheduling tests, patient diagnosis, Medication prescription, working together with physical therapists, keeping track of a patient's development and history, repairing fractures, controlling medical personnel and Providing after-surgery care.