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About Us

Dr. K. Manivannun, M.S. Ortho

Manisundaram Medical Mission Hospital is an exclusive orthopaedic speality hospital founded in 2013 with a vision of creating a platform on which every orthopaedic problem get solved with the help of superior Infrastructure and well qualified orthopaedic surgeons. It is founded in 2013 by Dr. Manivannun Kalyanasundaram., M.S. Ortho. The hospital is working hard to raise its quality and service levels to international standards.

  • Exclusive Orthopedic Expertise
  • Focus on International Standards
  • Standalone Orthopedic Hospital
  • Committed to Quality Care
  • Comprehensive Surgical Solutions
  • Multidisciplinary Healthcare Team

Our Mission

A standalone orthopaedic hospital that can address any orthopaedic problem by establishing an updated Infrastructure and competent team through consistent practice of following the governing values such as honesty, compassion, empathy, skill set, training, updating science & technology and being ethical..

Our Planning

Our planning includes facility expansion, technology investment, and expert collaborations to provide comprehensive, personalized orthopedic care for our patients.

Our Vision

A hospital that can address any Orthopaedics problem by creating an academic training & teaching platform for orthopedic surgeons.

Hospital Environment

Better infrastructure, Better Treatment

We know the environment we live in influences our mood. The MMM Hospital offers privacy, a warm and inviting ambiance, a supportive environment, good physical design, access to outdoor spaces, and amenities for leisure and entertainment.

There are certain elements in any environment a person lives in that have a detrimental impact on him (risk factors). A person must be properly acclimated to them in order to retain health.The body is always under stress throughout hospitalisation. A person is forced to alter their typical way of life and find new ways to meet their requirements as a result of both the disease itself and the new environment.

As a result, the job of the medical staff is to minimise the impact of risk factors on the patient and provide conditions in the hospital that will guarantee his safety for the duration of his stay.

Brought together to deliver services.

We all agree that every individual is valuable and that delivering high-quality healthcare services is a shared goal.
At Manisundaram Medical Mission Hospital in Vellore, we respect the community as the interdependent group of varied people who are brought together to deliver services. Manisundaram Medical Mission Hospital is regarded by the locals of Vellore as a kind and compassionate hospital because of our dedication to our patients, their families, our doctors, the public, and one another. We are committed to using a health care team approach to provide patient care, providing assistance and giving each team member praise.Infrastructure must facilitate the seven areas of a quality patient experience, effectiveness, efficiency, timeliness, safety, equity, and sustainability for the hospital, which serves as the primary location for acute and inpatient care. Infrastructure consists of the physical environment as well as auxiliary components like tools, employees, information technology (IT), systems, and processes. Overall, these interconnected elements should allow patients to travel smoothly, always maintaining their privacy and dignity.

Excellence is the benchmark for performance that we aim for in both our relationships and the delivery of healthcare services.
Manisundaram Medical Mission Hospital's staff and volunteers strive to offer a standard of care that is exceptional in its knowledge, expertise, and concern for patients. Every person is valued and is thought to be deserving of particular consideration. We accept responsibility for conducting ourselves with a high degree of personal and corporate honesty.


Cost effectiveness

High quality low cost

Manisundaram Medical Mission Hospital understands how crucial it is to maintain financial sustainability without sacrificing quality. An environment of responsible, collaborative, and creative endeavor gives people the stamina to endure.


Patient Rights and Privacy

As a patient, you are an active participant in your care. You may help ensure that your care is as effective as possible by being well-informed, taking part in treatment decisions, and being honest with your doctor and other medical professionals. You have the right to express the standard of care, treatments you received or were told to stop receiving, or your capacity to exercise your patient rights.