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The Accident and Emergency Medicine Department at Manisundaram Medical Mission Hospital has the most advanced facilities in emergency medicine and accident care. The hospital is experienced is attending to patients injured due to road traffic accidents and industrial accidents. The team has been trained at international standards to respect the golden hour, so that patients when transported at the earliest to our casualty can be saved from losing the limb. The patient’s attenders or relatives will be briefed at regular intervals about the condition of the patient as well the plan of the treatment.


24 hrs Accidental Care

The department provides resuscitation, stabilization, pain management and transfer of critically ill patients. Provides disaster care to the community in the event of a Major Incident. The department provides clinical services to treat the range of problems with which patients from life-threatening conditions to minor injury and illness, in all age groups from babies to the elderly. We offer 24*7 medical emergencies with a dedicated entrance to facilitate the transfer of patients from stretcher to wheelchair as an easily accessible service to fasten the responses in accident and emergency care. The department is equipped with the latest technology to ensure the best facilities and services with utmost care.